Top 7 Best Instant Noodle Brands in India 2020

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Top 7 Best Instant Noodle Brands in India 2020

Noodles is a moment nourishment that can be made inside a couple of moments in your kitchen. Consequently, it is fastly involving urban Indian kitchens since the greater part of the ladies are working these days. The fast cooking procedure has made cooking basic and simple for working people, for example, unhitched males, old maids, and even kids.

Outlandish flavors, delectable taste producers, solid fixings, for example, veggies can never beat noodles whenever.

Yipee Noodles:

The Longest and non-clingy noodles from Sunfeast organization of India. The forte in this noodle pack is that it doesn’t shape bumps or sticks considerably following 30 minutes of cooking. It guarantees that it is a solid noodle and produced after a few tests and screening process. It is accessible in two fascinating flavors, for example, exemplary masala and enchantment masala.

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Instant Maggi:

The king of Maggi noodles, which was actually originated from Switzerland, later entered the Indian market through the Nestlé Company. Today, Maggi has achieved a 90% market share in India and also has good sales in Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries. In addition, Maggie won the fight and controversy claiming it had high sources of monosodium glaucoma. Now sources have announced that Maggi is the safest food for children.

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Nissin Scoopies Noodles:

Scoops are small noodles manufactured and marketed by Nisin India. It is quite different from other traditional noodles in its shape and size and has different flavors such as mad masala, chicken masala, and yogurt types. Taste best when served with Indian gravies.

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Joymee Noodles:

Joymee Noodles brand by Inbisco Food Products Company is a growing brand in the Indian food noodles market along with other food products. Inbisco India also plans to launch more noodles flavors and variants in the Indian market.

It is the first noodles in India that comes with a crispy onion topping. Joy Me Noodles is made from wheat flour which is full of vitamins and minerals and challenges it to be a healthy meal. The catchy television commercials and the taste of crunchy onion toppings have captured the Indian market considerably.

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Top Ramen:

Marketed and manufactured by Nisin India, Top Ramen is a very famous noodle brand in India. Its curry-flavored noodles are known for their spicy taste and the most flavored noodles in the Indian market. It is available in most exotic flavors such as chicken, beef, shrimp, masala, curry, etc. In addition, a variety of products are available such as cup noodles, ramen bowls, and soppy cup noodles.

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Ching’s Secret:

Ching’s Secret is another popular noodle brand in India. It is a product of Capital Food Indian Limited. Another popular brand of noodles in India produced by Capital Food India Limited is Smith & Jones. But Ching’s Secret is the more popular one and is giving stiff competition to the top noodle brands in India. Ching’s Secret offers a vast range of products to its customers that include Schezwan Instant Noodles, Singapore Curry Instant Noodles, Hot Garlic Instant Noodles, Egg Hakka Noodles, and Veg Hakka Noodles.

Knorr Soupy Noodles is a product of Hindustan Unilever and has turned out to be a popular brand in India of late. Knorr is famous for its unique range of soups in India and is the leading brand for the same but has earned accolades for its unique combination of noodles and soup, that is, Knorr Soupy Noodles. Knorr noodles range consists of Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, Knorr Chinese Noodle Hot Spicy, Knorr Chinese Noodle Schezwan, Chinese Noodles, and Fried Rice.

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