Best Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Music Online

Music has turned into an inevitable part of human life; most people listen to music when they are sick, bored, or sad. Music is known as the best medicine for the human heart. In this post, I have written a list of the best free music streaming sites to listen to free music.

Today there are many ways to listen to music; there are TV channels only for music, you can hear music from mobile phones, Music CDs, streaming music online, and plenty of other ways. The best way to listen to music is streaming online so that you will have option to listen to any music that you want. It is impossible to download all the music and keep it on your mobile phone and listen.

There are many websites that help you to stream music online. In this list, I have written the best free music streaming sites. All websites mentioned in this list have a huge database of songs, where you can listen to music for free. There are some people who upload their music collections into Google music to stream their music anywhere on any device. I tell you that there is no need for that you can easily stream any music you want through the sites mentioned bellow

Best Free Music Streaming Sites List

#1 Pandora

Pandora is one of the most popular website to stream music online, the best thing about Pandora is that they have a massive collection of songs. There are more than 1 million songs on this wonderful website. Pandora helps you to find the song that you need and then you can play it easily. Streaming has become much easier through Pandora. I always use this website to listen to music without downloading. There are premium and free versions of Pandora, in the free version of Pandora you can listen to unlimited songs, but you can only use 6 Skips per station and a total of 24 skips’s a day. There are both android and IOS apps for Pandora and hence this streaming site is the best way to stream music online.

#2 Spotify

Spotify is the most popular platform to stream music in the US and UK. This website is not available in these countries; however, you can use a proxy site and visit this site easily from any country including India. This site has a high reputation. Spotify is one of the oldest websites to stream music for free. Spotify has the largest database of music. There are more than 20 million songs available to listen to from Spotify. In order to stream music online, you will need to register a free account, this process is very simple. There are two different versions of Spotify; Free and premium, in the free version you can easily listen to unlimited music. There are many ads shown in the free version.

#3 Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a popular website to stream music online for free. You need to pay 3.99 per month to stream music unlimitedly. There are two versions of this wonderful site to stream music, one is free other is paid. If you want to stick with the free version then you’ll need to suffer seeing ads. There are many people who use this wonderful site to stream music. This website is only accessible only in United States and Canada, but proxy sites will help you to visit this site all around the globe. You can access more than 10 million songs for free


This is one of the most popular sites to stream music online for free; this is like an online radio station where you can listen to your favorite music. There are more than 5 million songs available at their database. You can add the genres that you like the radio station plays only songs that belong to those genres. This site is available for all countries that make this site better than Spotify; songs are categorized into different categories that make you find songs easily. You can download songs from this website so that you can listen to music offline.


This is a very famous free music streaming website where you can stream your favorite music without downloading or paying money. DI is the short form of Digital Imported; you can listen to the latest collection of music using this great website. Like all other mentioned sites also have both premium and free account. In the premium account, you will be able to hear much better quality music, but in the free account, you will need to suffer advertisements and listen to low-quality music. This website has a massive collection of songs

#6 is the most popular site to stream Hindi music online. This website is owned by You can stream high-quality Bollywood and Hollywood songs for free without downloading. This site has a large database of music, there are more than 1 million songs available in this website. was launched in 2011. You can download their android app to stream music online. Their app is one of the most downloaded music streaming app that is available for android users.

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