6 Best Real & Genuine Ways to Make Money Online 2021

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There are unlimited ways to make money online but not all ways are true. Here on this post I discussed 6 Best Real & Genuine Ways to Make Money Online. Let’s read now.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the easiest and effective ways to make money online.

Years ago, Google opened up its search results to advertisers in a program called Adwords. Then it further developed the scheme by allowing website publishers to add the Adwords adverts to their website in a scheme called Adsense.

The technology behind Adsense enabled Google to check the content of the webpage and only display the relevant adverts from their pool of Adword advertisers. This clever approach means that the adverts displayed add content to your website. So how do you make money? Well, every time a web user clicks on one of the adverts, you get some money.

How much do you get?

The amount of money you get depends on the value of the advert, which is determined by how much the Adwords advertiser is prepared to pay per click.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online.

At its core, you create relationships with merchants who have products that fit the content of your website. Then you know put banners or text links to that merchant on your website that include special tracking links.

When someone clicks on one of those links and purchases something or performs some other action, you make money. Affiliate marketing becomes a skill in learning how to work your page and text to really encourage people to purchase from your advertisers.

Affiliate marketing is too big a subject to cover in one post, so look out for more posts breaking it down into small topics.

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Sell Physical Products: eBay

eBay is the mega-successful online auction site. This is a great way for you to make money. Get together your unwanted stuff, list it on the site, and start selling.

You can receive money online using PayPal – the online payment solution.

Some people make a living just from selling through eBay.


Sell Digital Products: Software

As outlined in a previous post on selling digital products, this is a great way to monetize your site because the potential audience spans borders and the commissions are usually high compared to promoting physical products.

I previously focused on selling EBooks but thought I would use this post to explain why it’s great to sell computer software online.

If a user has a need for a computer application, then you can meet the need instantly by promoting a software product they can buy and download immediately. Compare this with having to buy a boxed edition and waiting for the post. Selling software online is one of the most profitable routes to make money online that is available to you.

What software can I promote?

The list is almost endless, but you have a great selection of well-known names who sell their software through affiliate marketing, including Symantec, Spyware Doctor, Panda, Kaspersky Labs, McAfee, Uniblue, Parallels, and tonnes more. As well as the well-known brands, you have smaller publishers creating great little utilities that you can promote or review on your site or blog. If you’re promoting a product, it’s often worth asking for a review or evaluation copy for yourself too.

How does it work?

you sign up with an affiliate marketing network, join the programs for the software you want to promote, and then put special tracing links to the download pages on your site.
Sell Digital Products: E-Books
More and more business is done online because increasingly people are willing to trust the process of purchasing over the internet.

Now, if you have a product, great – you can sell it online.

But can you make money over the internet by selling stuff without actually making the product yourself? The answer is most definitely, yes!

You can sell products on behalf of other people and earn $$$ in commission.

My favorite products to sell online are digital products because they sell across borders, are available instantly to download for the buyer, and offer excellent margins because there is no physical product.

EBooks sell a ton every day and there’s one for almost every subject.

Clickbank is probably the most well-known name for handling the online marketing of ebooks. You sign up, find ebooks to sell, and then put the links to them on your website, blog, email signature, etc and wait for the cash to come in.


Domain Parking:

Domain Parking allows you to make money from very little work at all.

The idea is that you buy a domain name and then “park” it with a third party company who will display ads on that site. Then when people type in the domain name on their browser, they will see the ads and maybe click them, for which you will receive money.

This will only really work if the domain name is one that people may actually type in, so perhaps a mis-spelling of a popular site or some generic terms.

Companies that offer parking pages include Sedo (who will also sell the domain for you) and GoDaddy (who charge you a recurring fee for the service). If you have enough traffic, you can also contact Google for parking pages to be used.


Text Link Ads:

Text Link Ads is a useful way to sell advertising space on your website.

Text Ad Links is a brokerage service, matching up websites with advertising space and advertisers want to advertise their website.

This is a great way to add value to your website and utilize space, and it’s a useful way for the advertiser to get one way, incoming text links.

The amount you can expect to receive depends on factors such as the number of visitors your site receives, it’s Alexa rating, and it’s Google PageRank.

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