Master Non Stick Aluminium Fry Pan, Maroon

  • OIL FREE FOOD – Fry all your favorite delicacies in less oil or maybe without any oil in our non stick fry pan.
  • GAS STOVE COMPATIBILITY – Created with spiral bottom this non stick fry pan is suitable for gas stoves.
  • NO CONTAMINATION – The non stick coating made of Japanese technology is completely food safe. It lets you make delicious dishes with less oil, keeps you healthy and prevents the food from sticking to the surface, thus it can be easily washed off and does not require hard scrubbing.
  • COOL HANDLES – We provide stay cool handle which makes it easier to lift without putting a lot of pressure on your hands while frying or cooking. It is made of bake lite material which is heat resistant which makes the Non stick Fry pan sturdier.
  • VIBRANT COLOR – Grab this elegant maroon aluminum fry pan and brighten up your kitchen. Recommend you to use nylon scrubber for the fry pan to last longer
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Serve love in the food you cook with “Master” kitchen appliances. The diverse range of everyday kitchenware from Master are put together using reliable quality materials and ergonomic designs. The Master’s frying pan is a cookware that can be useful in frying, searing and browning foods. This tough kitchenware is made of thick aluminum metal and is equipped with a sturdy handle to make cooking simple, easy and reliable.

Well Made and Enduring

Made with thick aluminium metal, this fry pan is strong, durable and long lasting. It is ideal for a busy kitchen which requires high performance kitchenware that is stable for everyday use.

Multi-Layer Non-Stick Coating

This fry pan features multiple layer of non-stick coating that is 3mm thick. Non-stick coating reduces the tendency of certain food material to stick on the surface when it is cooked adding less oil.

Convenient Bakelite Handles

The Master’s perfect pressure cooker is equipped with an ergonomic Bakelite handle. This efficient handle can keep your hands from getting burnt as it does not conduct heat from the pan.

No Limitations

Being metal spoon friendly indicates that the cooking surface of the pan is resistant to getting scratched easily. Hence, you may use a metal spatula or ladle without worrying about scratches.

Resistant Coil Base

The carefully designed spiral bottom distributes heat evenly thus reducing the cooking time. This fry pan can be used to stir fry, saute and cook Indian delicacies such as uttapams, pakodas and cutlets.

Not Restricted to Chemicals

PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) is considered to be a pollutant and toxic substance. This Master’s perfect pan is free of PFOA. Hence, it does not contaminate food items there by providing you with healthier meals.



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