PrimeCash Pro Earning Tips & Tricks with Referral Code

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What is prime cash pro?

Prime cash pro is a popular money making android app. It is an Indian app and its office is in Ahmedabad. There are various ways you can earn different types of income like Refer & Earn, Watch & Earn, Survey & Earn, Completing Task and Downloading Apps & Earn, and more.

How to Join with prime cash pro?

To join with the prime cash pro app, you need to first download the app from the following link. And put my referral code to create an account.

Join Now:

Download Link:

Referral Code: Refer Code- ranj8567

How to Create an account on Prime Cash pro app?

Now, how to create an account on Prime cash pro app by entering the referral code? Follow the steps below:


1.Mobile Number:  Enter your mobile number here.
2.Email Id:  Enter your Email Id here.
3. Do You Want To Show Your Mobile Number To Upline / Downline:  If you want to show a mobile number to your Upline / Downline, then select it.
4. I Accept:  Tick mark the Term And Condition.
5. Submit:  After filling in all the details, submit the form.



1.First Name:  Enter your First Name here.
2.Last Name:  Enter your Last Name here.
3.Select Your Dob: Enter your Date of Birth here.
4. Password: Enter your password here.
5. Confirm Password:  Enter your Confirm Password here.
6.Register:  After filling in all the details, click on register.


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How to  Activate ID in Primecash Pro?

To earn money from Primecash Pro, you have to activate your Id. To activate your Id, you have to install 5 apps.

As soon as you download the 5 App, you will get Cash Bonus. When your Id becomes active, you get 1000 Prime Coin which is 35 rupees according to Indian Rupees.

PrimeCash Pro Earning Tips & Tricks:

  • Earn from Referring:  You can earn money by referring your friends with Primecash Pro App. Prime cash gives you 9 rupees for every referrer and if your friend and people join you, then you will also get some Percentage, in this way you can earn unlimited till 7 levels.


  •  Earn from Spinning: You can also earn money from daily Spin and Earn from Primecash Pro. As well as, you will get different types of surveys which you need to complete, then you get Points 100 point = 1 rupee.
  •  Earn from Watching Videos: You can also make unlimited earnings by watching videos from Primecash Pro.
  • Earning from Teams: One of The good things about Prime cash Application is that if your team also does all these tasks that you are doing, then you will also get points.

Download to SEE PrimeCash Pro Business Plan:


How to Withdraw Money from Primcash pro?

You can withdraw payment in two ways. If you use Paytm, then you can withdraw payment by entering a Paytm number. Otherwise, you can withdraw money by entering your bank details. You can use a withdrawal minimum of Rs 350 in Primecash.

There are some rules for applying Withdraw in Primecash: 

Rule: 1

When you first apply for Payout:

1. If you put withdrawal between 01 and 10 date, then your payment will be received from 15th to 16th.

2. If you put withdrawal between the 11th and 20th date, then your payment will be received from the 25th to the 26th.

3. If you put Withdrawal between 21 to 31 date, then your payment will be received from 05 to 06 of next month.

Rule:  2

When You Payout For Second Time:

The second time you pay between 01 and 31, then you will get paid on the 27th and 28th of next month.

My Personal Tips & Tricks to Earn More from Primecash:

Do you want to earn more from prime cash? If yes, then follow the steps below:

Join Facebook groups or pages or WhatsApp Group and share your referral link with referral Id. You must share your link in the Good writing Format.

Or, create your own Facebook Group or page and post regularly on that group. So that the followers follow your group or page. When followers go increase,  then share your link in your own style.

You can create also a free blog on or and share your link with a referral Id. Active daily on your apps and also guide to all of your members.

When your team will increase your earning will increase also.

Prime cash pro Office Address:

Company Legal Details:
Office Address: A-1207, Siddhi Vinayak Business Tower, B/H, DCP Office, Nr. SG Highway, Makaraba, Ahmedabad-380051


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