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Pocket Money App Reviews | Pocket Money Referral Code 2021

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Pocket Money App Reviews | Pocket Money Referral Code 2021:

Pocket money is a self-learning app. It is an Indian app. You can get paid just for completing simple tasks like playing games, watching videos, downloading apps, etc. Yes, you just have to complete the tasks and in return, this app will give you money.

How to Create an Account on Pocket Money App?

Creating an account on pocket money is very easy. First, you have to download the pocket money app on Google Play Store.

Now, you have to open this app, and then click on Request OTP with your mobile number.

You have to enter your Paytm number and below you will be asked for the referral code. You can enter anyone’s referral code. Then your number will be verified. You will be sent an OTP on it. You have to fill it and your account is ready.

My referral Code: iGmH3H

How to Earn Money from Pocket Money App?

It has been said before that pocket money is a self-learning app. You can earn money from here by completing simple tasks daily. In the following ways, you can earn money from here:

Earn From Daily Tasks:

In this section of ”daily tasks, you will be asked to complete some tasks every day. You need to complete the tasks within the stipulated time and claim for the reward.

Earn From Offers:

There are some offers for you in this section. You need to complete these offers then you can get instant cash. Offers are to install and register the popular apps in India. There are certain conditions for completing these offers. There are some apps that you will get paid only if you install them. Again in the case of some apps, you have to install and register, then you will get money. There are different conditions for installing different apps. If you have to fulfill those conditions then you can get paid. You can get from 4Rs. to 15Rs. to fill each offer.

Earn from Hot Offers:

You can earn also by completing different types of hot offers. You will see some instructions to complete these offers. Complete the offers according to these instructions. These offers are usually related to General Knowledge Quiz.

Earn From Completing Surveys:

You can earn also by completing service in the ”Earning Offers” sections. Here are some surveys are given by big companies on their products. You need to answer some questions about their products. If the answers you give are acceptable to them then you can earn some coins.

Earn From Reading Articles:

You can also earn money from the article section of this app. You can earn money by reading different articles every day.

Earn from Playing Games:

You can earn money in this app by playing different types of games such as Fun Games, Money Games, Play Tambola Games, etc.

Earn From YouTube Trending Videos:

There is an option called “YouTube Trending Videos”. Comedy, Sports, Entertainment, and Gaming Related Trending Videos are available Here.  You Can Earn Money By Watching These Videos.

Earn From Refer:

This app allows you to earn money through referrals. You can refer your friends and relatives. With this app, you can earn up to 160 rupees per day. You can share your referral link through various social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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