Image or Video Gallery Website Maker PHP script Download

Image or Video Gallery Website Maker PHP script Download: Do you want to create an image gallery or video gallery website? If yes,  then you are in the right places because, in this post, I will share the script-The world’s largest and most complex photo/video gallery-wall all-in-one web app, powered by jQuery, that allows you to easily display your images online, without complex databases or coding. Scroll across the galleries vertically and horizontally around the entire media-wall.Media-Gallery – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery Web-App. 

Image or Video Gallery Website Maker PHP script Download

The integrated CMS helps you to get a gallery up and running in a matter of seconds, complete with a multiple-image uploader. Embed the entire gallery-wall or only a single gallery using the jQuery-Plugin (which includes a huge shortcode generator) and configure it with over 40 parameters. Individual galleries can be password-protected. Images and videos can be viewed or downloaded via social media. The full responsive media gallery is also designed for touch-enabled mobile devices. You will scale and rotate the photographs by dragging them.

Image or Video Gallery Website Maker PHP script Download:


Your HTML or WordPress-powered website would benefit from the inclusion of a stunning and responsive Media Gallery. The Media Gallery dynamically resizes to suit all screen resolutions.


Each window has social sharing icons that allow your visitors to easily share them across social networks. Deep-Linking is also baked in, which means each window gets its own unique URL. When that special link is visited, Media Gallery Lightbox automatically opens that specific window! Supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.


Not only does it resize to fit perfectly on mobile devices, but mobile users can also use drag, scale, rotate and tap gestures to navigate through the media galleries.


Change over 40 parameter settings comfortable directly in CMS. Create a new gallery with just a few clicks in secounds. Upload your images directly over CMS and use the integrated resize technology. Preview images and delete images. See statistics from your gallery. Generate your jQuery code and copy this on your site.


  • PASSWORD: Single galleries can be saved with a password.
  • INTERNAL LIKE TECHNOLOGY: visitors can like a image
  • INTERNAL FAVORITE TECHNOLOGY: visitors can set a count of favorite
  • INTERNAL RATING TECHNOLOGY: visitors can rating a image
  • MULTIPLE GALLERIES: Multiple galleries in the same view. Scrolling vertical all galleries. Scrolling hotizontal inside a gallery.
  • RESPONSIVE AND TOUCH-FRIENDLY: The most trending topics in web design and they are here. Images fit to any screen size and are swipe-able (native behavior) on touch-capable devices.
  • LIGHTBOX VIEW: Images can be viewed in a lightbox. Supported touch for drag, scale, rotate, tap.
  • DEEPLINK: you can share your image with friends and acquaintances. Just copy the permalink for a gallery or an image, and email it to them!
  • AUTOMATIC THUMBNAILS: you don’t have to worry anymore about creating your images’ thumbnails.
  • OVER 40 PARAMETERS: unlimited adjustment possibilities for good integration
  • LAYZY LOAD: Lazy load images to improve page load times and server bandwidth. Images are loaded only when visible to the user.
  • EXIF INFORMATION: Reading: Image-Description, CameraModel, ISOSpeedRatings, FocalLength, ExposureTime, FNumber, ExposureBiasValue
  • HMTL5 VIDEO SUPPORT: file support: mp4, webm, ogg/ogv
  • VR Panorama viewer
  • CMS: Content Management System incl. file-uploader and Code generator.

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