How to Lock WhatsApp to Protect Chat and Group messages

How to Lock WhatsApp to Protect Chat and Group messages

After Facebook, WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app which provides maximum security like end-to-end encryption. That means no third party can read your private chat messages and data.

However, there are still some drawbacks available which make your private messages unprotected. But you no need to worry about it because WhatsApp has updated its security and now it is tough for a first-class hacker to hack your data and chat messages.

But for a minimum-security like you want to protect your private messages from friends and family, you just need to lock your WhatsApp and its chats and groups.

In this guide,  I will show you the exact guide which I use to protect my WhatsApp (device is Samsung J2 pro) phone from my friends.

  1. First of all, navigate to Google Play Store and, download and install ‘CM security’ on your device.
  2. Now Launch the application.
  3. Then you need to TAP on ‘Lock icon‘ which is located at the top of the dashboard. see below image
  4. Now, You will be taken to the next step. You will see a list of your all installed application. And then you need to find and select ‘WhatsApp.’ see the below image
  5. And then ‘Tap‘ on protect.
  6. Now CM security will ask you to set a pattern lock. So set a pattern lock as usual. see below image
  7. Now again confirm the pattern lock.
  8. And then Tap on Done.  see below image
  9. Now you have successfully locked your WhatsApp, That’s it.

As I know that, CM security is one the best app to lock our WhatsApp chats and group messages. You can either set pattern lock or numeric passwords.

Thanks, I hope that the above step by step guide helped you protect your WhatsApp chat data.

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