Best Tips & Tricks that will Help You Improve in Free Fire

Here we are sharing the 5 best tips & tricks that will help you improve in Free Fire.

These Free Fire tips will help you improve your performance in games and probably get a BOOYAH!

Do you want to win more games in Free Fire? You may have the talent to be a great player, but you may miss some important details to put yourself in the best positions. That is why we have prepared the 5 best tips & tricks that will help you achieve better results.


Now, follow these 5 basic tips to get started


1. Pay attention to what you pick up:


As soon as you land, you will find different types of equipment In Free Fire. You must pick up a weapon as soon as possible to protect yourself from your competitor. If you can, you should pick up several weapons that allow you to be effective with short, medium, and long-range targets.

Another very important element is the backpack, which allows you to collect and carry more objects.

There are also helmets, which will give you protection against headshots (they have up to three levels of defense) and bulletproof vests that we can upgrade to level 4.

Also, pick up first aid kits, but use them when you are in cover.

If there is an item that does not serve you, do not hesitate to discard it.


2. Be measured with shots:

Aiming with the controls of a cell phone is not an easy task. Therefore, it is not recommended to empty an entire magazine waiting for a bullet to land into the enemy

Instead, it is best to shoot in small bursts by moving the scope from the bottom up. This way you will have more precision and chances of hitting the heads of your enemies.

Keep in mind that shots will be heard in the surroundings, which will reveal your position.

3. Wear headphones:

Wearing headphones would help you to detect bordering about the game. For example, you can hear the footsteps of an enemy approaching you. The shots and the movements of the cars will also alert you to the position of your competitors.

4. Play with the Safe Zone:

When the protected zone is restricted, try to take advantage. Move enough to have the safe zone right behind you, and change position with it always at your back. Through this, you will have the confidence that no players behind you.

5. Move faster:

It will slow you down if you go across a canal. You can jump many times to go faster. On the other hand, you can run at a higher speed, if you are not wielding any weapons.

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