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Are you searching for free movie apps for your Android devices? Then, this is the endpoint. I have written a list of the best free movie apps to watch movies online. Today we are living in the era of smartphones; it’s very easy to watch your favorite movie through smartphones. You just open free movie apps and type the name of the movie you need, then play it.

People belong to all gender and age groups, watch movies to fill their leisure time. Everyone loves movies. There are many free movie apps, among them, Showbox is the most popular app. In this post, I will be adding websites like Showbox.

All the movie apps mentioned in this post are absolutely free and you can download these apps from the official websites. You can watch movies through these free movie apps without downloading. Most apps use lesser data than, Youtube. When you play a video using YouTube, you will lose much data than you use these free movie apps.

Free Movie Apps 2021:

Most of the apps mentioned in this list are download by more than a million people, which means you can trust these apps. The best free movie apps of 2016 are as follows,

#1 Showbox App

Showbox app is one of the most downloaded android apps, Showbox is the best free movie app that will help you to stream movies online. Showbox is available in Play Store, but you can download this wonderful app from their official website. Showbox is available in android, windows, and IOS. If you wish to stream movies using your Smartphone then, Showbox is the option. There are many ways to stream a movie using Showbox. You can also view TV series using Showbox App. Another main feature of this app is that there is an option to download videos using this app and watch it offline.

#2 Flipps HD

This is a great free movie app, moreover a movie app you can watch any kind of video through this amazing app. This app lets you to watch music videos, movies, funny videos, and all types of videos for free. This app loads videos much faster than its competitors. There is an option for live streaming which enables you to watch TV live through your app. You can download videos from this app also. This app allows you to search for any topic that you are interested in and watch videos easily.

#3 Hubi App

Hubi is a free movie app where you can download movies. This app offers a free downloading option, you can download free movies using the Hubi app. You can download this app free from the Google play store. This app had been downloaded thousands of times. The download speed is better than your browser‘s. There are some ads in the free version of Hubi, but considering its performance we can leave that, for people who don’t want to see the ads there is a premium version also. Hubi premium and free version are almost the same; the only change is that there are no ads in the premium version. Hubi servers are very fast that is why we can download movies faster and easier.

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